AXIATel Puts You in Control.


Encryption & Security

The fully encrypted AXIATel NEOS X2 puts you in control by protecting your digital assets and privacy.

Encryption keeps you free
from corporate data poaching

1. AXIATel hardware is free of centralized big tech (Google, Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, etc.), meaning you do not share any information to sources outside your phone.

2. All AXIATel is designed as privacy-centric hardware, and is ad-free.

3. AXIATel Secure OS is void of bloatware, which is used for tracking, and does not share information about your behavior (your location, apps you use, activity patterns, etc.). AXIATel Secure OS does not offer any backdoors to pull information from. You’re completely private.

Security without compromise

1. AXIA Ecosystem apps are secure and add a central layer of encryption to your AXIATel NEOS X2.

2. AXIA NEOS allows you to control permission levels on your phone, by giving you the choice to use any existing 3rd party app, downloaded through Aurora OSS.

3. You’re free to download 3rd party apps like YouTube, Netflix, Google Maps, etc., you just need to select the level of security and permissions granted.

Maximum Security

Lock down your device with only the most secure and encrypted application layer, powered by AXIA.

Secure 3rd Party Applications

Access your favorite apps and services while controlling exactly how they interact with your device and your data.

Control Your Permissions

If you ever need to prioritize convenience over privacy, you can easily permission these services for a short time.