AXIATel Puts You in Control.


AXIATel Share Data & Profit

Monetize your excess data and cut costs, with AXIATel

Share Your Data

Use any AXIATel internet hardware to start sharing your internet as Wi-Fi with neighbors, coworkers, or fellow travelers. Share enough, and you can cover all your costs, or even turn a profit.

Monitor your earnings in real time

Keep track of your excess data, and your what you’ve earned by sharing it with the option to top up your available balance, or upgrade your hardware at any time.

How Does it Work?

AX-Fi is shareable Wi-Fi for all, allowing axia members to seamlessly connect to networks that other users share in order to monetize. Imagine being able to share the extra data on your plan with the person next to you in the hotel where Wi-Fi is an extra $40/night, while earning $5 in AXC yourself. With AX-Fi, the AXIA network also becomes a global Wi-Fi sharing community.

AXIA members who decide to share Wi-Fi can access their rewards through the AXFI network dashboard which will display lifetime earnings, best coverage locations, access restrictions, data plans and more.

Finding the AX-Fi network is as easy as finding a public Wi-Fi access point, but without expensive daily or hourly access plans that can be a pain to cancel after the fact. Simply connect to the AX-Fi network, sign in with your AXIA account, or add a credit/debt card and quickly get access as a guest. See real time usage, spending, network speed and discounts on the AX-Fi access dashboard.