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AXIATel Global Coverage

How does AXIATel ensure coverage across its supported regions? 
AXIATel has contractual arrangements for data sharing with multiple major telecommunications carriers across each region to ensure you can stay connected to the strongest signal possible.  
Does AXIATel rely on a specific data carrier? 
No. AXIATel’s data network is established to constantly secure 2-3 data sources per country/region to ensure users stay connected at all times.
How does AXIATel afford wide-ranging coverage?
AXIATel is a pure digital and decentralized organization, so there is minimal overhead, infrastructure or operational costs to cover, passing the value to the AXIA community. 
Will more regions be added to the existing AXIATel coverage areas?
AXIATel is examining future areas of coverage in order to expand the reach of AXIATel services to new regions and countries.
Does AXIATel switch back and forth between host networks to keep me connected at all times?
Yes. AXIATel has developed a smartphone device that is smart enough to pick up the strongest data source based on user location at the time of usage to ensure optimum connectivity. 
Does AXIATel cap my data usage once I exceed my limit?
Yes. Speeds are capped at 256kbps after 7GB usage of data has occurred to help its users avoid data abuse.

Activating & Using Your AXIATel Smartphone

How do I set up my AXIATel Smartphone for the first time?
Please download this start-up guide PDF on how to activate and set up a phone for the first time.
Can I use the AXIATel NEOS X2 as a business phone and personal phone?
Yes, AXIATel Smartphones are unlocked and can support two different SIM cards. The AXIATel SIM cards allow you to take advantage of affordable global coverage rates. You can also use your own SIM card should you wish to do so.
What is the AXphone feature?
AXphone is a softphone feature that allows you to make Telephone calls over the internet without incurring any network usage. AXphone is a secondary phone feature that is built right into your AXIATel NEOS X2 Encrypted Smartphone.
What is a softphone?
A Softphone feature acts like iMessage or FaceTime, allowing you to message and communicate between users, over the internet. For AXIATel, the AXphone feature is a softphone software app. 
How do I use the AXphone feature?
The AXphone feature has all the functionality of a regular smartphone call but uses Wi-Fi rather than a traditional cellular network. Just push the AXphone button to make a call over the internet, as you would a normal phone call. 
How do I install a SIM card into my AXIATel Smartphone?
The left side of your phone has a SIM card port. You can open the port using the reset pin tool that is provided with the packaging for your AXIATel device. Simply take out the SIM card tray and insert it into the phone. 
Does AXIATel use a SIM card?
AXIATel Smartphones are shipped with a SIM card, which can be inserted into the phone. Your AXIATel SIM card is specific to your coverage plan.
Does the AXIATel Smartphone come with 2 SIM card ports?
Yes, AXIATel Smartphones have two SIM card ports, and are unlocked. You are able to use an AXIATel SIM card, and another SIM card of your choosing simultaneously, should you wish to do so. 
How do I charge my AXIATel Smartphone?
Use only a USB Type-C cable to connect and charge your AXIATel Smartphone. 
Do the apps on the AXIATel NEOS X2 use the AXIA single-sign on feature?
Yes, your AXIATel Smartphone is configured to use the AXIA single-sign on feature, allowing you to take advantage of the AXIA Ecosystem across any touchpoint while using the same login credentials. 
What are the camera specifications?
AXIATel Smartphone offers a 48MP+8MP+5MP rear camera.
Where are the volume buttons?
You will find the volume up and volume down buttons on the side of the device.
Where is the power button?
On the right side of the AXIATel Smartphone, adjacent to the volume buttons, you will find the power button. 
Does AXIATel issue phone numbers?
Yes, all customers will be issued a United States phone number, as part of the AXIATel offering. This can be paired with your existing phone number, if you utilize both SIM card ports.
How do I take a screenshot / screen capture on my AXIATel NEOS X2?
Simply press and hold the power button and volume down buttons simultaneously. Your screenshot will be saved to your phone.
How do I import contacts from my iPhone/iOS to my AXIATel NEOS X2?
  1. On your iPhone, open the Settings app and tap your name at the top.
  2. Tap iCloud, and make sure that 'Contacts' are toggled to 'on' in the list of apps (you may need to click show all).
  3. On your AXIATel NEOS X2 device, head to icloud.com on your AXplorer browser and log into your iCloud account.
  4. Once you are logged in, tap the three dots in the bottom-right corner of AXplorer and select desktop site.
  5. On the new desktop version of iCloud, select Contacts, and then tap the small gear icon in the bottom-left corner.
  6. In the menu that opens, tap Select All, and then Export vCard. A notification window will show on the bottom, click download.
  7. The .VCF file will download into your AXplorer browser.
  8. When the download is complete, pull it down from the top screen notification window - you will see the AXplorer download, with contacts. Click this notification.
  9. When you are asked if you would like to import the contacts, tap OK.
How do I import contacts from my Android device to my AXIATel NEOS X2?
  1. On your Android device, select the contacts app.
  2. From there, click the 3 dots at the top right, and select 'manage contacts'.
  3. Now select "export as a VCF file". This will be saved into your storage on your Android device as a file labeled "contacts.vcf".
  4. You can now search for the file named "contacts.VCF" and select "share".
  5. Share this VCF file via Bluetooth, directly to your AXIATel NEOS X2. Make sure bluetooth is 'on' for both the Android device, and your AXIATel NEOS X2.
How do I access my email on the AXIATel NEOS X2?

There are a couple easy options, in order for you to access your email, while staying private and secure.

Option 1 - access your email (gmail) through the AXplorer browser.
  • In place of the Gmail app (which would open your phone to Google data poaching), you can access gmail through your AXplorer browser, which is built into the AXIATel NEOS X2.
  • You can then add gmail (or the email service of your choice) as a startup tab on AXplorer. This will allow you to constantly access your gmail in one click. The only downside is, you wont get notifications.
Option 2 - access your email (gmail) through Edison Mail.
  1. Open your AXplorer browser and visit https://auroraoss.com/.
  2. From Aurora, (which is where you can download apps securely) you can download the Aurora OSS app to your AXIATel NEOS X2.
  3. Once you see the app logo on your phone (the basket icon), you can access apps from there.
  4. Download Edison Mail. This 3rd party app will offer a non-google solution to access your gmail. You should be able to integrate Gmail through there.

AXIATel Encryption and Privacy

What makes the AXIATel Smartphone Encrypted?

AXIATel Secure OS is a de-Googled operating system. All information on your phone is stored locally, and not shared with outside sources.

All Google apps (gApps) and Google infrastructure are removed from the device, meaning AXIATel Secure OS doesn't need to communicate with a centralized corporation (e.g. Google, Microsoft, Apple) to receive OS updates. This is completed with backend pushes.

Does the AXIATel Smartphone track my location?
No. Your location is not tracked by GPS location services. This component is not included in the phone unless added by the user.
Can I add GPS maps or location services?
Yes, you can add location services by installing NLPs for location services, such as Waze, Google Maps, etc. Please note that doing so will impact your privacy, as your phone will then be tracked for location. 
Does AXIATel share my data?
AXIATel Smartphones offer a private and ad-free experience that is void of bloatware which is commonly used to track you and share information to the backend about your behavior. As a result, your location, habits and data is never shared. 
How does AXIATel Secure OS receive operating system updates? 

Your AXIATel Smartphone receives app updates from the backend for the AXIA Ecosystem system apps, or from a third-party app store like Aurora that comes pre-installed.

Your AXIATel Smartphone can also receive push notifications from other apps via microG, which works as an anonymized and private proxy to Google push services, keeping you private and secure.

How does AXIATel protect my communications? 
Your AXIATel Smartphone comes pre-loaded with  two applications that secure your communications and files: Secure Chat and Secure Vault. Both applications ensure information is safeguarded to your device, and not shared with external sources or parties. 
Does AXIATel track or share my information? 
AXIATel does not share any personal information related to your phone. 
Does my camera share photos, information or location with 3rd parties?
The AXIATel camera is not connected to the internet and does not share your information.
Will AXIATel offer decentralized cloud services for storage of data and information?
AXIATel will be connected to AXdepot, an AXIA Ecosystem platform offering decentralized cloud storage.
How do I use the screen lock?
AXIATel Smartphones can be unlocked using a PIN of your choosing, or fingerprint recognition. 
Are AXIATel Smartphones unlocked?
Yes, AXIATel Smartphones are unlocked and come with 2 different card ports.

AXIATel SIM Cards and Usage

Network Coverage

What are the areas of coverage for AXIATel?
AXIATel is a global connection in the palm of your hand, offering 3 distinct coverage plans for North America, Asia-Pacific, and Global Elite. You can learn more by visiting AXIATel online.
Will coverage areas for AXIATel expand?
AXIATel is examining additional areas of coverage for future expansion.  
Can I use any company plan on the AXIATel Smartphone?
Yes. As long as you have a SIM card, AXIATel Smartphones can support any existing plans. 

Downloading & Using Apps

Where can I download more apps for the AXIATel Smartphone?
AXIATel leverages Aurora OSS, an app store with 60,000+ of your favorite apps.
Will AXIA push new apps to my phone?
Yes, the ever-expanding AXIA Ecosystem will push new apps and updates to your smartphone.
Will AXIATel warn me if I am about to use an app that will compromise my privacy? 
Yes. AXIA will send push notifications if you are going to download and use an app that is centralized or compromises your privacy. 
How does Mobile Staking work?

OS and Settings

Which operating system does AXIATel use?
Your encrypted AXIATel Smartphone is powered by AXIATel Secure OS, a custom and privacy-focused mobile operating system that provides unparalleled levels of encryption and security.
Does AXIATel push OS updates to my phone?
Yes, AXIATel Secure OS performs backend push updates without needing to connect to centralized platforms. 
Does AXIATel update my location settings automatically?
AXIATel Smartphones allow you to configure your device to automatically update your location settings. Alternatively, you can do it manually. 
What is MicroG? 
MicroG allows apps to access replica application programming interfaces (APIs) that are provided by AXIATel. Visit microg.com to learn more. 
How do I update the AXIATel Secure OS?
Users will be provided with a system-generated notification when the AXIATel Secure OS is ready to update. 
Does AXIATel leverage the AXIA Ecosystem sign-on credentials for apps?

Yes. If you’re an existing AXIA Ecosystem participant, simply sign on with your existing single sign-on credentials to any of the AXIA Ecosystem apps and platforms. 

If you are new to AXIA, please create your new account by selecting a  password and choosing an email address that will be associated with your account and used as login credentials.

How does AXIATel Secure OS protect my communications?

Your AXIATel Smartphone comes pre-loaded with  two applications that secure your communications and files: Secure Chat and Secure Vault.  

Before you start using them, you need to perform an initial setup for each application. 

How do I set my security lock?

1. On the Dashboard screen, find the Secure Chat widget and tap on it.

2. Tap on Set Security Lock. Choose between PIN/Password, then enter it and tap SET.

3. Press the Home button to return to the Dashboard screen. 

4. Repeat the same process for Secure Vault. 

5. You’re now set up and ready to start communicating securely in complete privacy. 

AXIATel Smartphone Safety & Protection

Does the AXIATel Smartphone come with a warranty?

AXIATel Smartphones purchased through AXIATel  come with a limited warranty. The duration of this warranty is dependent on the original country or region of purchase and is only redeemable within the original country or region. 

Unless otherwise specified, the AXIATel warranty covers the product’s hardware components as originally supplied and does not cover, or partially cover, software, consumable items or accessories—even if packaged or sold together with the product. 

Please note that the limited warranty only covers functional defects of the product caused by workmanship or build materials.

What is the AXIATel enhanced warranty?
The AXIATel enhanced $39.99 USD warranty covers your phone from all damage for a 2 year period. Please visit this link to learn more
How does the warranty work. Where do I send in my device? How long does it take to get repaired and sent back to me?
Please contact support@axiatel.org and you will be provided with device submission instructions. 
How should I store and protect my AXIATel Smartphone?
While AXIATel Smartphones are built to endure normal wear and tear, you should avoid exposing your AXIATel Smartphone to liquids and sources of significant heat, both of which may cause considerable damage to your device or cause the battery to malfunction. Handle your AXIATel Smartphone with care; dropping your device may crack the display or cause other external or internal damage. 
Is there a customer support line I can call in should there be any issues with my device?
You can contact AXIATel by emailing support@axiatel.org, to get in touch. 
Should I open the back panel of my AXIATel Smartphone?
No. Do not attempt to open the back panel or replace the battery of your AXIATel Smartphone. Attempting to open the back panel or replacing the battery will void the warranty of your device. Repairs of this nature should be performed only by authorized repair professionals.   
Does the AXIATel smartphone have airplane mode?
Yes. Your AXIATel Smartphone has airplane mode in the settings tray, and can safely pass through X-ray machines at airport security. While in flight, follow all posted and verbal instructions regarding safe in-air use of mobile devices.