AXIATel Puts You in Control.



At the forefront of the new communications frontier.

A private platform for boundless adaptability

AXIATel offers a private platform for boundless adaptability.

The NEOS X2 line is a secure solution for digital wallets, crypto software, blockchain access and personal finance.

Your information is secured, without any walled gardens.

Ultimate Crypto Security

Crypto traders, developers and investors rely on AXIATel encrypted smartphones to ensure absolute security for investment holdings and wallet apps.

3rd Party Compatible

Build and partner with AXIATel and the AXIATel Secure OS to ensure your platform or DApp is securely housed on AXIATel Secure OS.

Encrypted Communications

AXIATel NEOS X2 smartphones are purpose-built to keep communications secure. Don't worry about backdoor eavesdropping or poaching, your digital privacy is secure.


AXIATel can grow with your operations, whether you’re an individual investor, business owner or an institutional client. The NEOS X2 can scale to your needs.

AXIATel offers the most inclusive, decentralized security-based crypto centric phone to date with unmatched military-grade security.

Maintain your connectivity without barriers, without having to sacrifice personal data privacy to corporate poaching.

For institutional sales inquiries, or partnership exploration, please contact sales@axiatel.co