AXIATel Puts You in Control.


Let the communication revolution begin

Control the internet and its distribution with peer-to-peer hardware.

The AXIATel Mesh Network Base is a broadcast center for decentralized 5G internet, designed for installation in homes or offices, without reliance on traditional ISP or telcos.

The AXIATel Mesh Network Base can handle 30-50 devices reliably, offering a strong signal that can serve as a backup to your standard ISP.

Now you are in control of your internet, Wi-Fi and its distribution.

AXIATel lets you control the internet, and your connection.

A portable Wi-Fi device, AX-Fi allows you to bring your home internet with you, powering up to 5 devices.

A broadcast center for decentralized 5G internet, designed for installation in homes or offices, without reliance on traditional ISP or telcos. Connect 30-50 devices at a range of 5-10km.

Broadcast Wi-Fi from your Mesh Network Home Base so you can connect your office or your entire neighborhood. Connect over 120 devices at a massive range.

How Does it Work?

AX-Fi Hardware combines the earning power of cryptocurrency miner with the utility of a global, decentralized wireless internet network, creating connectivity while fostering a sense of community, without breaking the bank.

AX-Fi Hardware gives AXIATel members the tools they need to create a globally distributed Wi-Fi sharing community. With AX-Fi hardware members can connect, contribute, and earn through our decentralized internet network and Public Wi-Fi Sharing Protocol. Participants can create a network that connects their family on a trip abroad, or their whole office. Just pay for the device, and the data you use, while getting paid a premium for the data others access from your devices.

With a variety of devices, there’s a piece of AXIATel hardware perfect for you. Whether you need to stay under $100 or network over 100 devices, there’s a product that will fit your budget, networking requirements and portability needs. Our decentralized internet offering gives you the flexibility to choose between becoming a backbone of the network, or just a local backup for your unreliable ISP.

Network multiple units to create a mesh network capable of replacing your Google Router and ISP modem in your home, or take your device with you to become a mobile network hub and connect fellow travelers at airports, malls, hotels, or maybe even the beach.

How is this different from Helium or Starlink?

Helium uses a hardwired Wi-Fi connection to offload data from cell carriers on to local Wi-Fi networks. AX-Fi does the opposite, taking cellular data and distributing it as a Wi-Fi connection, making our devices portable, and more profitable because members pay the true cost of data, as opposed to the bulk cost that Cell Carriers pay.

Starlink uses a network of satellites that beam internet down to local dishes that distribute the signal as Wi-Fi, however this requires a massive number of satellites that must slow connection speed when too many devices are connected in a given geography. AX-Fi can switch between hundreds of carriers and spectrums so it always has bandwidth to work with, almost anywhere in the world.